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Debbie Reynolds’ Hollywood memorabilia auction

Debbie Reynolds’ Hollywood memorabilia auction

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Born Rich and the WSJ have terrific photos, and articles, on Debbie Reynolds’ Hollywood memorabilia auction. The most iconic Hollywood items are up for sale, from Marylyn Monroe’s dress from The Seven Year Itch, Charlie Chaplin’s signature bowler hat, to Judy Garland’s ruby shoes from Wizard of Oz (see below). Our favorite, however, is Elizabeth Taylor’s headdress and gown from Cleopatra.

“Debbie Reynolds Auction, which is known for the sale of authentic historical memorabilia, is slated to put on sale several such iconic and historical items, on the June 18th this year. Carrying the energy, and a strong legacy, these costumes are bound to be on the wishlist of a number of bidders.” – read more from Born Rich

“While to some it’s heartbreaking to consider that most of these pieces will go into private hands never to be seen again (hopefully some will be willing to loan them for exhibits), at least the auctions (presented by historical memorabilia dealer Profiles in History in June, December and next spring) will give the world a chance to appreciate these great creations together one last time and give collectors a unique opportunity. “In the parlance of sports-memorabilia fans seeking the most valuable items,” says Reynolds’s son, Todd Fisher, “these costumes are ‘game used’ and their provenance is beyond question”—they are right there in the movies we love.” – read more from WSJ