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Iron Chef Judge David Rosengarten’s Wine and Food Pairing Guide: The Wine Manifesto

Iron Chef Judge David Rosengarten’s Wine and Food Pairing Guide: The Wine Manifesto

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Award-winning food and wine expert, David Rosengarten, has launched The Wine Manifesto, an easy-to-read wine and food pairing guide.

The guide encourages both new and seasoned wine and food lovers to get back to the basics- pairing wines from all over the globe with excellent food. Divided into ten categories that breakdown the flavor of reds, whites and champagnes, the Manifesto helps readers easily find food-friendly sips for their next meal.

The Wine Manifesto also offers many recipes for foods, such as chicken tandoori, prime rib and apple fritters, and offers suggestions for wines that pair well with the dishes. The Wine Manifesto is available to read (and download for free) on Rosengarten’s website.

In 2012 Rosengarten, a former judge of the hit television series, “The Iron Chef”, took his long-awaited leap into the sale of food and wine. On the food side, David struck a huge success with his first product, Chile Extractions from David Rosengarten Gastronomic Wine and Food Selections. He also collaborated with Petrossian to offer consumers a hand-selected variety of white sturgeon caviar.

Rosengarten also recently introduced the Wagyu-Beef-of-the-Month-Club, which delivers everything from Japanese ribeye to Australian tenderloin. With each monthly delivery, Wagyu-Beef-of-the-Month-Club members receive a recipe created for that specific cut of meat, allowing the consumer to grow in his or her culinary abilities throughout the club membership.

The longtime host of “Taste,” the award-winning Food Network television show, Rosengarten is a self-taught cook and author of multiple cookbooks, including the seminal “Red Wine with Fish,” “Taste,” “It’s ALL American Food,” “David Rosengarten Entertains” and the best-selling “The Dean & DeLuca Cookbook.”

Rosengarten is also well known for his newsletter, The Rosengarten Report, which was published from 2001 to 2008. During its run, it won the James Beard Award as best food newsletter in America, and at its peak, attracted 50,000 paid subscribers. David’s newsletter will be relaunched in late 2014.

Photo courtesy of David Rosengarten