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David Linley showcases intricately designed Riviera Humidor for affluent cigar aficionados

David Linley showcases intricately designed Riviera Humidor for affluent cigar aficionados

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The humidors have been special for the ultra-class people who were or are known for their style statement. In the very new and enchanting David Linley’s Riviera collection, you will trace out this Riviera Humidor which will be something that you don’t see quite often. A few months ago, Linley came up with the Riviera collection which got a good recognition, because it focused upon the magnificent world of yachting of Côte d’Azur. It was glamour-laden and praised by many noteworthy and rich people. The new collection by the luxury house offers this Riviera Humidor, which is too precious and made with the best of wooden hand-crafting costing you as high as £6,000 (approx. US $9,413).

The firm is contemplating collaboration with the London Design Festival 2012 to showcase its bespoke designs at the event later this year. Riviera humidor is one of the most intricate designs that the new collection of Linley has prepared for rich cigar aficionados. It has been crafted with royal materials like dark-stained walnut and rosewood. The humidor also has the sycamore stringing, which makes it look exquisite. The Spanish cedar wood that goes into fabrication of this luxury object has been chosen very carefully to line up the humidor. The window of the humidor comprises of nickel and the glass circular which makes it a porthole styled humidor window.

Not just a best piece that depicts class and luxury only, the Riviera humidor also has something that is innovative and high on technological aspects. It uses a hi-tech cigar spar, which maintains the right level of humidity inside the humidor. The recent collection by the British manufacturer features a jewelry box as well that has been crafted to honor both London Olympics and Queen’s Jubilee.