The Temple Hills Residence rises two stories in the air, casting its modern shadow on the 5,000 square feet property located in Laguna Beach, southern Orange County, California. This impressive contemporary residence was designed by California-based Schola Architecture. Surrounded by lush vegetation and gathering views of the valley below, this elegant home is adorned with many details that you can discover in the photos below. Built using renewable and exposed materials, the Temple Hills Residence appears as a fully integrated modern home.

Sloping down the hill, the residence is composed of an existing building and a new addition, separated by a glass sheet. Schola Architecture managed to create a sequence of posts and beams that define the architecture of the newly built addition. A monolithic concrete volume pierced by large windows create a strong connection between the outside and the inside. The terraced design seems to further deepen this connection and bring the nature closer. This is how a dream home in California looks like.