The Sun House cannot be considered a simple residence. Its imposing structure and fascinating sun-filled interiors can only enhance each carefully planned design element. Located in Singapore, the L-shaped Sun House makes the most of its location: a corner lot surrounded by bungalows. The architects who managed to create a safe heaven – Guz Architects – saw the importance of natural sunlight so they fabricated a stunning design that captures light and spreads it in all directions.

Creatively compact in contrast with the neighboring houses, the Sun House features an open courtyard that encourages airflow and draws the light in. An open staircase connects the spaces – a double height living room thrones in the middle of the house and the rest of the spaces were maximized as much as possible. An exquisite pool and a luscious pond were placed in the courtyard in order to cool down the surroundings and offer exceptional views. The owner – an art collector – enjoys a wall with niches that display his collections and add character to the whole space. Fabulous and showcasing an attractive architecture, the Sun House is definitely a dream home.