Another dream home enriches our daily pursuit of exceptional residences – the Santa Elena House in Medellin, Colombia. Designed by Antonio Sofan, the home is surrounded by a rural landscape that accentuates its uniqueness and natural choice of warm materials. Built using locally resourced materials, the single family residence occupies 106 square meters. This project had a budget of $207,000 and the architects managed to construct a solid, quality structure and adorn the interiors with contemporary furniture and furnishings that add character and comfort to the masterfully designed house.

Spread over 106 square meters, the interior living spaces visually open towards the fresh scenery overlooking the valley below through a series of interestingly placed windows. Accessible through a discrete opening on the roof deck accentuated by a pink mosaic wall, the fascinating residence encourages a healthy, peaceful living style. Two bedrooms at each end of the house each with their own bathroom flank the interior spaces sheltering a small kitchen and meditation room. The roof deck , occasionally used as a platform for yoga, will serve as alternative for a lounge area.