Carefully hidden by surrounding vegetation, the dark-clad Ridge Road Residence presents itself to owners and visitors as a private collection of modern spaces. It seems the modern residence designed by StudioFour is based on privacy – black timber cladding and dark reflective windows create an almost opaque connection to the world when looked at from outside. Once you step inside, the home reveals its fascinating connection to the native landscape.

Located within the Moonah Links golf course, on Australia’s  Mornington Peninsula, the Ridge Road Residence sits on a sloping property and was designed to interact with its surroundings at different levels. Terraced decks compose a natural privacy adapted to the sloping terrain while being protected from prevailing winds by native vegetation. Mirroring in the windows, the single tea tree on the premises builds a strong connection between the public spaces and the outdoors. Seen through the double height picture window in the living room, this tree composes a familiar outdoor spectacle contrasting with the perfectly arranged interiors.

Architects describe their project as a successful attempt of creating a comforting suite of spaces: “We sought to create a quality of space that provides a sense of sanctuary, enclosure and comfort. Emphasis was placed upon capturing the varying qualities of light, the scale and proportions of space, and providing a tangible connection with the building’s surrounds, both in topography and landscape. Through the building’s design, the client is able to experience many aspects of the surrounding landscape, whether it be a direct or perceived experience, whilst at the same time maintaining a high level of privacy from the golf course below.”