The collaboration between Pike Withers and JLD Architects resulted in the re-construction of an inviting and comfortable modern home. Transforming an outdated beach house into a contemporary suite of open spaces, architects managed to give the owner his dream home. This Private Residence in Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia, overlooks large expanses of water, having been designed according to its owner’s wishes to have a luxurious beach resort boasting a relaxing atmosphere.

New elements were added to the retouched beach house – an infinity pool and a top floor living area with an operable roof. The beautiful home is oriented towards the spectacular surrounding views, visible from almost any room, as the owner requested. The old kitchen and living room were combined in an open space fitted with a retractable roof, while the balconies were extended and re-shaped to house relaxation facilities. The updated architecture, interior design, details and furniture pieces give the beach house a facelift, including all the needed elements for a comfortable modern life.