This two story residence rises in a countryside landscape in Ripatransone, Italy. Known as the Picture House, this excellent display of bold contemporary architecture was imagined by architect Fabio Barilari. The masonry home showcases an abstract set of windows transforming the facade into a collage of interesting window frames. Its camouflaged appearance speaks the language of modern design, provoking a dialogue with the surroundings : “the house looks out on the landscape; the countryside – beautiful – fills the inside.”

Natural colors compose a collection of spaces dedicated to the modern lifestyle, while rural tradition inspires its lines. Each of the windows looks out to the beautiful landscape, drawing them inside to complete the simple yet powerfully elegant interiors. An internal staircase challenges inhabitants and guest to experiment, becoming part of the daily routine. With steps and ramps, it becomes a place to sit, but also an experimental duo of small and big steps. I wish I had a challenging home, one that provokes me through design, connection to the surroundings and also offers a comforting feeling of home.