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Daily Dream Home: Pass Residence

Daily Dream Home: Pass Residence

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A dream home in a secluded place might be the answer to living a comfortable, stress-free life. Coming home after a day at the office to find the relaxation you need surrounded by the desert might have been the reason behind the construction of the inspiring Pass Residence. Scottsdale studio Tate Studio Architects designed a contemporary home perfectly adapted to its surroundings while offering inhabitants luxurious interior and exterior spaces. The single story house located in Scottsdale, Arizona, displays a geometric architecture embedded into the landscape, with design details that construct a luxurious oasis.

Inside, wooden beams define the main living spaces, creating a beautiful contrast with the white ceilings. Furniture and design details compose an earthy space arrangement through contemporary materials and colors. An open fireplace inside defines the brightly lit living space, while the one outdoors reflects in the nearby pool. There are so many beautiful details this house showcases – we would love to know which one is your favorite.