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Daily Dream Home – Park City, Utah

Daily Dream Home – Park City, Utah

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This exceptional 13,000 sq ft home designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson is a true one of a kind. The home’s distinctive views, floor plan, and amenities are unrivaled in their luxury and grandeur. Careful attention paid to the architectural design and details provide optimum views of the densely wooded 12.8 acre property. The vast deck offers exceptional views. Grow plants year round in the indoor greenhouse. Other features are: soaring vaulted ceilings, dumbwaiter, elevator, wine cellar, lots of storage, and a covered dog run. The property features a 4 car heated garage and heated driveway. The 25 meter lap pool cantilevers over a seasonal stream. An acrylic panel extends from the pool bottom to the stainless steel ceiling and aquarium glass at the end, bringing the outdoors in. The end of the driveway leads straight to a ski trail.

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  • Park City Daily Dream Home of 13,000 square feet is the antithesis of green. It is a wasteful nightmare, unless it is a home for 50 orphans! Of course, it’s striking, but what a waste of natural resources. SMALL is BEAUTIFUL. How many people could have been fed, educated, healed for the amount of money the architect was probably paid nevermind the construction costs. Doesn’t even look comfortable and cozy. Probably used only on an occasional weekend by some super-rich couple. What kind of web site is this anyway?? Why even bother having a green menu choice.

    • Well, this isn’t a “Green” Dream Home” — this is just a featured “dream home.” Ugh.

    • Annie,

      Your personal choices (as inferred from your post) may be admirable, but your choice to inflict your morality onto others is disgraceful and speaks volumes about you. This type of activism is not the sort of thing that will convince others to join your cause nor will it endear you or that cause to those individuals.

      By alienating people (those who might admire the house by making them feel guilty), you *may* achieve a small degree of short-term success by having one or more people not express an opinion about this house. But, in the long-term, all you’ve done is convince more people that you and your cause are bullies and do not deserve their loyalty.

      It seems better to work towards some accepted, approved ‘green’ statistics about housing that the builders and others can use to measure a house. Of course, that isn’t as easy as sniping…

      I, for one, can admire the beauty of the house and keep that separate from any thoughts or feelings I may have about its ‘greenness’ or the social consequences of spending money the purchase price of this home on other social activities.

      Good luck.

  • Yes, it is exquisite. The light from the many windows, the views, the woodwork all contribute to the wonderfully open feeling.

  • When I first saw this, I thought wow, this is beautiful and amazing… and HUGE! My next thought was, does someone actually live here… or is this on the market because no one is buying it because of the size/price?

    I read Annie’s comment and I do agree. Thanks for bringing that up! It is really wasteful. The design is awesome, and I’m sure if you were given this home you’d love it at first. But then imagine seeing poorer individuals on TV or while traveling. Would you feel comfortable coming to this home? If so, I’d say you’re an uncaring, selfish individual… and unless you change, having you in the world doesn’t do any of us good. is an award-winning 5-star luxury travel & lifestyle blog showcasing luxury cars & drives, fashion & style, gear, real estate, travel, and food & drink.
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