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Daily Dream Home – O-House

Daily Dream Home – O-House

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Finding or creating your dream home are two very different things. Finding your dream home means compromising more on the details someone else imagined as their home, while creating your dream home implies having constantly dreamed about each nook, material and beam of light crossing into the splendid interiors and compromising only on architectural challenges. The O-House by Philippe Stuebi Architects was clearly dreamed in detail before having been constructed. Located in Vierwaldstattersee in Switzerland, the residence took four years to complete, but the final result is stunningly creative.

The Zurich- based architects collaborated with architect Eberhard Tröger to create a partly glazed solid lakeside residential structure dressed in a perforated skin. Encouraging glimpses inside, where a sculptural glass staircase connects the two levels, the facade challenges the inhabitants to live harmoniously with themselves, in a home opened to the neighborhood and then rewards the owners with a fascinating lake and mountain view on the other side of the street facade. Allowing views of the scenery from the inside, the O-House is constantly flooded with natural light through glazed walls, big or small perforations or skylights. You should definitely take a few moments to look at all the details presented in the photos below.

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