Beautiful Australian weather can be enjoyed in many ways, but one of the most relaxing way is to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning in the backyard of your modern residence. The North Bondi House, a beautiful residential building in Melbourne, Australia, can pride itself on offering its inhabitants all the modern comfort while indulging in a soft interior – exterior space connection. The existing home could not fulfill the needs of its inhabitants, so the bright minds from MCK Architects came up with a new floor plan for the first floor and a modern addition upstairs, creating a second floor.

By reinventing the first floor plan of the two-story residence, the architects created a double-height central core that draws natural light in and encourages natural ventilation. This was done in order to flood the interiors with as much natural light as possible, even if the initial structure had an enclosed central space. The formerly light-depraved space basks now in the sunlight, displaying contemporary furniture and elegant furnishings.