Rising tall on the Siglap Hill in Singapore, the modern white residence named Ninety7 @ Siglap House features three floors occupied by public and private spaces displayed in a modern floor plan. Timber decks by the pool create a relaxing atmosphere for those coming out of the two resort style “Cabana” bedrooms on the first floor. On a second floor, the extensive living room and the dining space are connected to the outside verandahs. Here, the undulating lines of the room shape a hill-inspired design that continues with a ship-inspired backside architecture docked down by a sculptural metal “drum” sheltering the  shower and barbeque pantry. The master bedroom and family room have the most intriguing panoramas from high up on the third level.

As Aamer Architects designed the house, they were inspired by the hill’s shape and created an updated version of a contemporary residence with deep overhangs that offer shade needed by those enjoying the views from the terraces below. Breezing through the sinuous design lines, the wind is captured by the architectural elements and guided on a path towards cooling down the interiors. Roof gardens insulate the residence and offers Eco-friendly features, while the covered terrace for poolside parties can be successfully used to entertain guests.