Sheltering an institute on the first floor and a residential space on the second, the ISEAMI House features wide open spaces that allow natural ventilation ad exceptional views of the surroundings. Its location in Playa Carate, Costa Rica, helps the building and its inhabitants indulge in the luxury of existing and living where 5% of the world biodiversity is. A fascinating place deserved a fascinating architecture.

Robles Architects designed the ISEAMI House as a perfect combination of residential living and science facility: the ISEAMI (Institute of sustainability, ecology, art, mind and investigation) occupies the first floor of the building, leaving the second floor free for the owner to enjoy.Concepts of activities like investigation, meditation, training, and Yoga had to be incorporated in the design, so the architects constructed a sustainable, low maintenance hybrid building. Materials like recycled plastic, glass and steel were used to build the prefab home  – and its lines and space arrangement encourages an enhanced method of experiencing the surrounding nature.