Tel Aviv-based architecture and design studio Alex Meitlis worked hard on the House in Savion project, but the results are magnificent. The modern two-storey residence located not far away from Tel Aviv, Israel, features a 4,520 square foot floor plan that encompasses indoor spaces prepared for modern living and entertaining. The outdoor space is delimited by different-sized walls that create stunning modern outdoor facilities. The single family residence is constructed as a comfortable place to live while benefiting from modern facilities.

A wood veranda wraps around the building, extending the outside contemplating area to the maximum. Trees grow from holes in the wood and adorn the deck, offering the beautiful spectacle of the changing seasons. House in Savion showcases an open floor plan, linked to the exterior with the help of large glazed windows. The living, dining and kitchen connect in an effort to create a seamless space. The upstairs is occupied by the bedrooms and bathrooms, with a concealed staircase leading up to the private spaces. You can find sketches of the floor plan below. Enjoy!