Fascinating and inviting, this house in Almuñecar was designed by Susanna Cots and named Pure White. The project encompasses all colors, just like the primary non-colored used throughout the spaces – white. Elevated above the Sea, the Pure White residence captures exceptional views from the interior spaces and the cantilevering terraces. Five separate zones compose this dream home. The service area is designed with black furniture and decorations, the children’s space features smaller rooms and a living room displaying a youthful touch of color, the living and dining room on the ground floor communicate with the interiors through glass walls and with the exterior with the help of wooden retractable blinds.

The wooden volume upstairs houses the bedroom zone colored in black and white, just like the master bathroom. The last zone is the guest area on the lower floor. Exceptional views can also be enjoyed from the pool, s space divided into a terrace covered by the cantilevering volume upstairs and a sun-exposed patio for sunbathing. Simple design lines and a great concept make this residence a modern dream home.