Built in the middle of a natural Bavarian landscape in Germany, the HI-MACS House is the result of a design collaboration between Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects.

According to the architects, sustainability was a key factor to consider when developing the residence: “Alongside the design-oriented building form, significant focus was placed on the materials used in this house. The ecological balance of the owners’ dream house was very important to the builder. The use of natural, breathable materials was thus very high on our list. A decisive selection of materials has allowed a high degree of healthy living in conjunction with an optimal energy balance to be realized“.

The HI-MACS House in Bavaria displays a highly contemporary exterior, with white walls contrasting the water in the generous pool next to it. Its architecture pays tribute to the Bauhaus style. Minimalism and symmetry characterize this home composed of a rectangle which seems to support two cubes. The interior design is simple, yet captivating and inspiring. Large windows allow unobstructed views of the surrounding forest and create a good indoor-outdoor connection. An open plan living room acts as the focal point of the residence, featuring remarkable furniture elements, a modern fireplace and subtle art decorations.