Achieving its full potential under the attentive supervision of Texas-based design studio Poteet Architects, this incredible loft in in downtown San Antonio, Texas, shelters an inspiring collection of art and living spaces. Its name – Collector’s Loft – provokes the inhabitant to slowly expand the existing collection of artworks. Gallery-like spaces displaying a pristine white background are filled with the owner’s favorite art, maximizing the impact it has on the daily routine.

Spreading over two floors of a 1920s factory and also including the roof, the contemporary loft was separated into living spaces on the lower floor, 18’ tall gallery spaces on the second and a splendidly modern rooftop garden perfect for entertaining. Colors were welcomed in the shape of furniture items and paintings, but the rest of the space was designed to showcase a simple elegance, in muted tones. Glass railings on the staircase allow sunlight to pass right through them, creating and almost suspended beauty. Flooded with natural light coming from large windows and skylights, this part residential, part gallery loft also includes a gym and has its own underground parking.