Offering one of the most recognized and Historically relative estates on the East Coast, Bohemia Manor Farm. The history of the property begins with Augustine Herman, First Lord of Bohemia Manor. In the employment of Lord Baltimore he produced the most significant map of the Chesapeake Bay. For his work he was granted land by Lord Baltimore. Herman called his first grant ‘Bohemia Manor’ after his homeland. It included the land east of the Elk River and north of the Bohemia River. The original manor house was built in 1660. Bohemia Manor Farm remained in the family for many generations until the Bayard Family, a direct descendant of Augustine Herman sold it in 2003. The current Manor House was built in 1920 and was completely restored in 2004 – 2005 with the help of Architect Archer-Buchannan and Dewson Construction. Up to 15 building sites or significant tax credit for placing easement on property.