Italian architectural studio MZC Architects are proud to have this modern residential construction in their portfolio. Named Casa X5, the contemporary collection of spaces displays open rooms, strongly connected to the outdoors via large glass openings. Located in Treviso, Italy, the home is spread on two levels and welcomes its owners with a creative minimalism designed to suit a lifestyle surrounded by shapes and non-colors interacting with each other to compose a sober elegance.

MZC Architects imagined a kitchen space with integrated dining room that run the length of the home, lit through a translucent wall and opening towards an outdoor terrace. The whole house seems to have been designed for entertaining, with a sumptuous black wall separating the cooking/eating space from the social zone. A large dark sofa promises futile resistance to socialization, constructing an elegant display reinforced by the black wall. Do you like this sober minimalism or prefer a more vividly colored arrangement?