The Black Beauty Mariposa Villa could be considered a dream home, although it is a vacation retreat constructed in the Black Beauty Village in Ostional, a city in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Roca. Its beautifully designed interior spaces spread over a total interior surface of 4,424 square feet and offer the inhabitants an excellent feeling of comfort and coziness.

Luxury is not left aside as the three bedroom and two and a half bathroom contemporary home displays a beautiful selection of furnishings adorned with modern design lines. Nestled in the surroundings, the eco-friendly vacation retreat welcomes guests with elegant interior spaces for living, entertaining and resting. Deluxe amenities make this relaxing experience unique, together with the fascinating surrounding views and exceptional service. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and mountains in the distance, the property developed by Kalia can be booked all year around, with prices depending on the season and you can see more information here.