Overlooking amazing views of the ever-moving ocean, today’s dream home takes up on a journey across California’s shorelines. The contemporary residence rising from lush vegetation was designed as a couple’s home. These two lucky lovers get to enjoy splendid panoramas of the surroundings, from the Pacific Ocean over the valleys down to the distant mountains, all throughout the day – from sunrise to sunset. Known as Atalaya House, this luxuriously modern beach home was designed by Alberto Kalach. A material palette composed of concrete, travertine, wood and stainless steel shape this pleasant ambiance in the middle of nature.

Inserted on the top of a narrow ridge, the modern house showcases its architecture in a sequence of terraces, encouraging architects to describe it as follows: ” The house, conceived as a series of terraces stepping down, is discovered step by step, space by space, revealing different atmospheres and different views into the distance, or to intimate gardens and patios. A receiving shaded garden, a small chamber as an entry hall, the large art gallery with indirect light that leads to the living room as the main terrace. Behind, the dining room with a light well, the family room as a bridge, the swimming pool terrace, …the pool table under the sky pool, the library, studio, bedrooms… all of them with different space and light qualities, interconnected in changing sequences.”