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Cutting-Edge Luxury: The Top 5 Emerging Streetwear Companies in Los Angeles

Cutting-Edge Luxury: The Top 5 Emerging Streetwear Companies in Los Angeles

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist

In the city of Los Angeles, fashion trends are not only followed but also created. Renowned for its unique fusion of luxury and streetwear, the city’s fashion landscape is evolving constantly, with new brands emerging to define the next wave of trends. To stay ahead of the curve, we have curated a list of the top five cutting-edge luxury streetwear companies based in Los Angeles that are pushing the envelope with their distinct aesthetics and innovative designs. These brands are not just setting trends, but also driving the future of streetwear.

As an ultimate insider and curator of the coolest things, Pursuitist is proud to present the top five cutting-edge luxury streetwear companies based in Los Angeles that are defining the future of fashion.

1. Circulate

Circulate, founded by Corey Populus, also known as Young Corey, is a brand that lives and breathes streetwear. The brand emerged in 2018 and truly found its voice during the 2020 George Floyd Protests, resonating with a new audience. With a unique mix of skatewear and social messaging, Circulate puts a focus on quality garments made with longevity in mind. The brand also aims to educate while celebrating cultural figures of the past, present, and future, with history being a running theme in their designs.

2. The New Blue Collar

Founded by Alex Ewings and Felix Llanos, The New Blue Collar is redefining everyday workwear. Their main focus is on functional everyday staples that look clean, fresh, and elevated. Their current collection is varsity-inspired, consisting of button-up shirts and sweaters that are versatile enough for different occasions. The brand excels in creating fits that can truly live in any setting, updating the idea of everyday workwear to something that resonates with the culture we actually live in.

3. Teddy Fresh

Started in 2017 by Youtuber Hila Klein (of H3h3 Productions), Teddy Fresh isn’t just another merch collection or vanity project started by a wealthy YouTuber. The brand offers a full unisex line, featuring everything from dresses to jackets to tops and bottoms, all packaged in a bright pastel-heavy aesthetic that is uniquely their own. Teddy Fresh makes some of the best-looking modern streetwear in the market, producing quality pieces with superb craftsmanship.

4. Mr. Saturday

Mr. Saturday, launched in 2017 by founder, designer, and creative director Joey Gollish, is a brand that has become a force in the streetwear space over the years. The brand is recognized for its quality craftsmanship and a unique merging of subcultures. Gollish enjoys exploring the nightlife subcultures of the past and reinterpreting them through a modern lens fit for the present and future, making the brand a perfect representation of our culture today.

5. Chinatown Market

Founded by Mike Cherman, Chinatown Market embodies the community side of streetwear. The brand, known for its accessibility and inclusivity, emerged from humble beginnings, with Cherman creating print tees from the back of his car. The most iconic feature of the brand is its big smiley face logo, which stands for positivity. Cherman’s out-of-the-box thinking and dedication have made Chinatown Market one of the most recognizable brands in the streetwear community.

These emerging luxury streetwear brands from Los Angeles are not only defining the city’s fashion landscape but are also influencing global trends. They are the ones to watch if you want to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Their unique aesthetics, commitment to quality, and innovation in design make them stand out in the highly competitive fashion industry. So, keep an eye on Circulate, The New Blue Collar, Teddy Fresh, Mr. Saturday, and Chinatown Market – they are shaping the future of streetwear.

As Pursuitist continues to curate the best in luxury lifestyle trends, we remain at the forefront of delivering the most exciting and innovative fashion brands to our audience.