Crystal and handbags – a fashionable combo for you to enjoy.

We are not sure what you think but for us a true accessory is one that actually does not have a function apart from sending out a statement of its wearer. With their crystal clutches glass maker “Orrefors” has created one of these true accessories. It is Orrefors designer Lena Bergström that has created the four crystal handbags that are for décor only (maybe you will have to be a tad clever and use what is normally just for décor as storage instead…) but that is sure to give you a certain… Cinderella feel. “I have named the bags after my sisters, my mother and myself so Siv, Lena, Gunilla and Christina. We are all very different with our very specific qualities, just like the handbags that are made out of the same mold but then cut to different expressions”, Lena Bergström comments. – From ala mode