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Corzo Tequila Silver Review, Pursuitist Recommended

Corzo Tequila Silver Review, Pursuitist Recommended

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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The editors at the Pursuitist have recently tasted the latest ultra premium silver tequilas. One, Corzo Tequila Silver, stood above the rest. So much so, Corzo Tequila Silver is Pursuitist Recommended. From the smooth and sipable taste, to the stylish bottle, it doesn’t get much better than Corzo Tequila Silver.

Corzo Tequila Silver is an exceptionally elegant and flavorfull tequila with notes of citrus and vanilla. As mentioned, it is best enjoyed as a sipping tequila or when prepared with the highest quality of mixers. Corzo combines art and science to create the purest, most refined spirit possible – a tequila of extraordinary character with the full aroma and flavor of blue Agave.

Corzo’s unique distillation process is, at the very least, exceptionally complicated. It starts with blue agave from a region known as Los Altos located a mile above sea level. This area is blessed with a more moderate climate than most of Jalisco as well as a rich red soil, allowing for a sweeter agave fruit. Unlike many other tequilas, Corzo uses only the nectar extracted after five hours of roasting, well after sour elements from the skin are fully eliminated. Corzo then uses a unique strain of yeast and goes so far as to play soothing classical music through the fermentation process. After the spirit is complete, it undergoes a unique process that introduces microscopic air bubbles to allow it to breathe before bottling.

While all of this sounds a little over the top, it’s hard to argue with results. Corzo Tequila Silver is simply an excellent blanco particularly well-suited for sipping. Aromas of black cherry, pineapple, grapefruit, mineral, vanilla, and black pepper introduce a creamy, delicate, full-bodied, almost sweet palate that evolves as you sip. Bottled in a gorgeous package designed by renowned art director Fabien Baron, believe it or not, it tastes even better than it looks.

“Putting too much interpretation into design is not good… For me, the reasons behind it are more primitive than philosophical or sociological.” – Fabien Baron.

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