Created for London-based furniture manufacturer De la Espada, the Coracle Lounge Chair draws inspiration from the small, lightweight boat traditionally used in Wales. Oval in shape and resembling a half shell, this boat served as a sketch for British industrial designer Benjamin Hubert. Stitched suede was wrapped around a steel frame, while a comfortable woven pattern supports the body.

The hand-woven suede lounge chair combines automotive suede quality with inspiration from traditional boats and industrial design reminiscent of bike handles, gathering the three in a hard to ignore design: “The crafted ‘tri weave’ is complemented by a suede wrapped steel frame with industrial reference points found in bike handles, creating a tactile touch point for the chair.” This seating experience is enhanced by the tactile features of the materials used, grounding the design into reality and offering physical and visual comfort, as well as simplicity in design and high quality craftsmanship finishes.

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