While renovating your home, you must undergo a thorough search for modern tiles that will not only beautifully adorn your walls but also stand out. The Mezza Tiles Collection from Ceramica Bardelli have a slightly different approach to contemporary tile design. Displaying a playful selection of silhouettes – pigs, fishes, ducks and hens – the collection allows the clients to choose their own style when decorating their walls with Bardelli tiles.

The modern animal print tiles feature silkscreen printed silhouettes in black against a glossy white background, creating the opportunity of personalization through the different display of each of the tiles. You can choose to put up only half of a pig in many positions or make puzzles from different pieces of tile. Each design is composed of two tiles measuring 10×10 cm, but the fun part is all up to you. Be creative when choosing the tiles and allow each space to creatively display the fun and fresh animal inspired tiles.