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College Dorms Go Luxe

College Dorms Go Luxe

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Willing to shell out and extra 5k for your child’s dorm room?

When you think of a college dormitory, “luxury” is hardly the first word that comes to mind. But brace yourselves: as Bianca Solorzanoreports, an amenity arms race has broken out. And one Indiana campus is leading the charge: Purdue University. America’s heartland is known for big bands, school spirit, and the simple life. It’s now also the trendsetter for the luxury dorm. “I have my living room area with my couch and my fish tank and my TV center,” student Kristen Fox explained. And surprisingly, there was nothing that she wanted that she couldn’t fit. The newest dorm at Purdue now features flat screens, free laundry, maid service, private bathrooms and no roommates! – From CBS