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Coffee may cut risk of head and neck cancers

Coffee may cut risk of head and neck cancers

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Coffee drinkers continue their run of good news.

A new study suggests that coffee drinkers have less risk of develop head and neck cancers.

Another recent study linked coffee consumption with lower rates of heart disease.

Coffee might stave off more than just sleep, according to research showing that those who chug a lot of java have a lower rate of head and neck cancers.

Prior research on the link between coffee and cancer has yielded mixed results. Some studies, for example, have found lower rates of kidney and ovarian cancer among coffee drinkers, while there appears to be no effect for colon cancer.

For the new report, scientists pooled results from nine earlier studies on head and neck cancers, which also included information on coffee or tea drinking. In each study, cancer patients had been compared to either the general population or to hospital patients who didn’t have cancer.

From Washington Post

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