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Cocktails at Home: The Trinity #3 from Redbird, Los Angeles

Cocktails at Home: The Trinity #3 from Redbird, Los Angeles

Pursuitist - 5-Star Luxury

Dining at Redbird is a multisensory experience like no other in Los Angeles. Chef Neal Fraser’s modern American cuisine and Tobin Shea’s cocktail menu are as undeniably momentous as the dynamic space. Redbird nests inside a former cathedral rectory — one of the city’s most historic architectural gems – with a collection of indoor and outdoor dining options for refined brunch, happy hour, and dinner.

When you can’t be there in person to savor the California Sea Bass with mussels in a tomato saffron broth, or Day Boat Scallops with Thumbelina carrots, you can at least dream of the experience more vividly with a drink specialty of the house…made in your own home.

Created by Shea, the Trinity No. 3 is a symphony of unexpected ingredients, each one adding its own distinctly culinary character. At the cocktail’s heart is St. George Spirits’ Green Chile Vodka, uniquely distilled with crushed jalapenos then enriched with an infusion of four types of sweet and spicy California-grown peppers. The Trinity No. 3 contains several other kitchen-friendly botanicals with Kümmel (a sweet German liqueur flavored with caraway seeds, cumin and fennel), Yellow Chartreuse (a vividly colored French liqueur with herbal flavor and citrus, violet, and honey notes), dry Manzanilla sherry (providing a saline snap). The final dashes of celery bitters leave no doubt that this is chef approved for artful food pairings.



1 1/2 oz St. George Green Chile Vodka

1/2 oz Kümmel

3/4 oz Yellow Chartreuse

1/2 oz Manzanilla sherry

3 dashes celery bitters

Method: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, stir until chilled, then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a pickled cocktail onion.