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Cocktails at Home: Gin Edition

Cocktails at Home: Gin Edition


With most of the world experiencing some form of quarantine, now is the perfect time to experiment with at-home cocktail creations. Try this spin on a classic French 75, made with 4 simple ingredients, bringing in vibrant flavors of hibiscus and lemon. Cheers!



My Hibs Don’t Lie

1oz London Dry Gin

.5oz lemon juice

.5oz hibiscus simple syrup*

3 oz sparkling wine

garnish: fresh lemon peel

Combine ingredients in shaking tin, shake with ice for 10 seconds or until tin is cold. Strain into coupe glass, top with 3oz sparkling wine. Garnish with fresh lemon peel. *Make strong hibiscus tea using hibiscus flowers (let steep 3-5 minutes); strain hibiscus flowers using fine tea strainer (or coffee filter). Combine equal amounts of brewed hibiscus tea and white sugar and mix together until sugar dissolves. Resulting syrup should be deep red (and delicious!).