A Swiss designer has reinterpreted the concept of wine-in-a-bag for the sophisticated, female oenophile in the form of luxurious French goatskin and Swiss workmanship.

Claudia Eicke’s Weekender bag is for the wine-loving female whose retail therapy involves a good bottle of wine as much as a show-stopping pair of heels, or the woman who routinely carries a bottle of vino in addition to her lip gloss, smartphone and day planner.

Made from natural grain goatskin from France, bottles can be tucked securely in the “tunnel” portion at the bottom of the bag which were specificaly designed to be stiff to prevent the wine from budging out of place, Eicke said.

Eicke’s envoyage collection, featuring high-end leather goods, launched last year in Zurich. Her products are also available online and she ships around the world.