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Christmas Gifts Ideas For Jet-Setting Dogs

Christmas Gifts Ideas For Jet-Setting Dogs

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Christmas is the season of gifting, holidaying, travelling and making merry. Why not include your pets too in the same celebration by gifting them some of the most glamorous travel accessories that will make getting around with them more stylish. Pet owners with travel plans intact and suckers for chic dog accessories, can pick  uber-luxe Christmas gifts for their petite mutts from Bark Fifth Ave. The range of accessories for jet-setter dogs is decked with bows, frills, laces and gilded metal trimmings.

Bark_5th_Ave_car_SeatTraveling with small dogs, who are also considered a family member, can get more trendy by zipping around with them in Angel Limousine car seat. Strap your pooch in this blush pink travel accessory for $273 and drive without worrying about its safety.

Bark_5th_Ave_travel_bagFrequent flyers can fly in style with their darling pet cuddled inside the Aria bag. This elegant travel bag is super comfortable and well-designed for the diva bitch. Grab it for $330 from Bark Fifth Ave.

Glam_Tote_Dog_Carrier_1The Dogs of Glamour Glam Tote fuses fashionable form and function for $229. Shaped out of faux leather, this dog carries features top and side ventilation, signature lining, and a quilted front design with luxe bow and rhinestones. Bark_5th_Ave_passport_car_setAnd before you rush out to catch your flight or set off on a long drive with your beloved pet, don’t forget to carry its Angle Passport cover ($39) and Snow White Drink set ($54).

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