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Christie’s Selling $30M Munch

Christie’s Selling $30M Munch

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An Edvard Munch painting is expected to fetch more than $30 million at auction.

Christie’s is offering an iconic $25-35 million Edvard Munch in their New York sale of impressionist and modern art. Painted in the late 1890s, ‘Fertility’ features a man and woman either side of a fruit tree and dates from a tumultuous period in Munch’s personal life. In 1898 he started a relationship with Tulla Larsen which culminated in 1902 when the artist injured his hand with a self-inflicted gun shot wound. According to Christie’s, scholars believe the red-haired woman depicted in Fertility, and in an earlier, possibly related work “Metabolism,” is Tulla. – From Luxury Insider