Christian Louboutin Unveils Signature Nail PolishChristian Louboutin, the famous Parisian shoe designer, has unveiled a luxurious new nail polish, his first foray into the world of beauty.

Priced at $50, Rouge Louboutin is described by the brand as “a timeless, vibrant red suited to any skin tone.” Eight inches high, the bottle was inspired by the Ballerina Ultima shoe, the tallest heel Christian Louboutin has ever created, and features ombré-effect faceted glass and a pointed metallic cap that contains the brush. Every bottle, produced by Pochet, is smoothed by hand-held flame and takes 22 weeks to make.

“If I do beauty, I have to do it my way,” the designer said. “I am someone who likes objects.”

The bottle’s applicator is in a triangular shape designed to pick up the polish and deposit it on your nails without any air bubbles ruining the party.

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