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Christian Louboutin Opens Men’s Boutique In Dubai

Christian Louboutin Opens Men’s Boutique In Dubai

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Christian Louboutin has reached the Middle East to woo the Sheikhs and the well-heeled men in the pearl of the Gulf countries. The French shoe maker has opened his first stand-alone men’s boutique in Dubai. Since many fashion-conscious men also find it difficult to resist stepping into Loubis, the brand is spreading out in all directions to cater to them.

Christian_Louboutin_Men's_Boutique_DubaiIt is surprising to know that the Christian Louboutin’s new all-men store, located in Mall of the Emirates is thrice the size of the label’s women’s store in the same mall. Does that mean that the designer has more men shoppers over female clients craving for his creations? Mr Louboutin supported this by stating, “They (men) told me there should be even more styles in the men’s store.” Admiring the well-dressed men in Dubai, he also elucidated that “Men are very sophisticated in the region. They are very neat, the fabric is impeccable, they dress well, they really have attention, the beard is trimmed – so there definitely is an element where they are very comfortable how they look.”

WWD also reported that the boutique includes a VIP tattoo parlor where customers can have shoes customized with embroidery that matches their personal tattoos. This service will go well with the dominant fad of bespoke luxury.

To mark the opening, the messiah of red-sole footwear was present at the new boutique to host the shoe signing event. He gladly obliged and observed that “Men are different at signings than women. They are more into having a conversation and more engaging, less shy.”

Henceforth Dubai streets will experience more red footprints then ever before!

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