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China Machado reigns as the world’s oldest supermodel

China Machado reigns as the world’s oldest supermodel

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There is no pre-determined age to begin or discontinue modelling! How young, is too young and what age is considered too old to hit the catwalks and face the cameras? These days, it is tough to single down to the youngest contenders as we have new born babies/infants playing the role of brand ambassadors. Notable fact is that China Machado reigns as the world’s oldest signed model.

The legendary supermodel is 83 but that hasn’t dampened her spirit, beauty as well as modesty. Touted to be one of the most beautiful women in the world by photographer Richard Avedon, the dainty lady has aged like fine wine. China (pronounced ‘Cheena’) shot to fame as the first non-Caucasian model to be featured in the February 1959 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Besides playing muse for Givenchy she has also worked with Dior and Balenciaga. Considered to be the highest-paid model in Europe at that time, she worked as Givenchy’s in-house model in Paris and modeled for about seven years before being photographed.


The poised lady has also played the role of the fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar for eleven years. Recently, the grandmother of two inked a contract with IMG models. She has also been the face of Barney’s Fall ad campaign.

Lately, Machado has made heads turn by shooting for “Born in 1928” campaign that marks the 85th anniversary of American label Cole Haan.

Defying all the latest high-end beauty products that claim eternal gorgeousness, she still takes off her makeup with Ponds cold cream and washes with gentle soap and water. It very uncommon to come across a conscious woman who hasn’t ever used a face cream. Also it’s rare to know of models who are ignorant of getting their hair done or subjecting themselves to a diet or haven’t been under a knife to pull back their youth. China hasn’t put herself through any such supermodel like routine or regime. China Machado is the gifted one!

A few pieces of her wisdom for sustaining immortal beauty –
“You can’t worry about aging because that’s the worst thing. If you start, then you just keep finding more things you don’t like, and then you’re finished. There are a lot of things I could have done to my face but it would never stop.”

“I’ve never dieted, never exercised, I eat like a pig, and I drink – mainly vodka. I still smoke, too.”

“Oh, I’m old and tired! I make myself lie down every afternoon, otherwise I’ll be too exhausted by the nighttime. If I can’t nap I’ll watch a little bit of TV and just relax for two or three hours.”