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Chanel wheels out a stunner at the Paris Fashion Week

Chanel wheels out a stunner at the Paris Fashion Week

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Given my sense of style, I tend to steer clear of ‘fashion’ topics despite this being a luxury blog. But Chanel’s new beach bag which is nearly 1 meter across in diameter (yes diameter ) has set tongues and hearts afire at the ongoing Paris Fashion Week.

The white quilted ‘purse’ which was literally balanced between hula hoops by the model on the runway is not too much of an exaggeration given the current size of bags that ladies do carry around. Clearly sporting the Chanel logo and in a color that remains fashionable no matter what season (white) , the bag might just be the product of a quirky designer (Karl Lagerfeld). But given the thunderous applause that this bag received on début, I have an innate feeling that tells me that we might need to be on the lookout for these on fifth avenue pretty soon. A slightly more portable size would certainly put this bag on the top seller list.

The red colored version was indeed sported in a smaller design which means that as part of the Spring-Summer collection 2013 , these bags are certain to make an appearance. For the ladies who can, would you be interested in getting a large hula hoop bag? Perhaps not hula hoop size but a remarkably large one all the same? Do let us know in your comments below!

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