Patriots will find this specific furniture collection amazing – a sculptural set of furniture items shapes as the state of California. The Limited Edition California was designed by Jared Rusten of J. Rusten Furniture Studio in addition to his standard California Series. This modern collection of solid-wood furniture comes to complete his existing works and add a pride element to any Californian’s home. The limited edition pieces are made of a selection of heavily-figured Claro walnut with a native oak base.

The tabletop is shaped like the boundaries of California, resting on a sculptural cantilevered base. The base is treated with a natural vinegar stain to achieve a beautiful charcoal-colored patina that adds grace to the overall look. This collection includes a large desk size, medium desk, medium coffee table, and small coffee table, but also a bar-height version of the large desk is available on request. Meticulous details shape unforgettable pieces of furniture finished with a low-toxic tung-oil. Of course, if you need a custom size, the designer can create one that will be perfectly adapted to your space needs, so what are you waiting for?