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Café FOAM in Stockholm, Sweden

Café FOAM in Stockholm, Sweden

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With a friendly and captivating design, mixing style and passion, Café FOAM was envisioned by Note Design Studio  and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The café welcomes visitors to enjoy tea, coffee, breakfast, lunch and catering services in a unique atmosphere.

Café FOAM in Stockholm has a total area of 180 square meters and features plenty of appealing design details. According to the project developers, the owners needed a place that one could either love or hate, but that no one would remain indifferent to: “We began searching for extremes where passion and hate were equally present. Our entrance to the project became the complexity around bull fighting as a phenomenon. We were fascinated by the bull and bullfighter´s mutual movements and the directions in the battle. This struggle along with the materials and colors at the stadium were the inspiration when designing the new Café Foam”.

Situated in the heart of Sweden, the café mixes the elegance of Scandinavian design with the temperament of Spanish bullfighting. The colors employed are  dynamic, yet they are combined in a perfect harmony, inspiring passion and good time. Nothing too flashy, just a stylish place to come back to time and time again.