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Cadillac Elmiraj Concept defines ‘sexy’ amongst luxury cars

Cadillac Elmiraj Concept defines ‘sexy’ amongst luxury cars

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There are cars, then there are sedans, and then there are luxury sedans. Though a lot would vouch for being the drool magnet for it’s looks, Cadillac’s latest offering in the market takes the cake this time around. The Elmiraj concept car seems to have everyone dropping their jaws open around it, and there are good reasons for them to do this. From our view, we give this Cadillac the tag of ‘sexy’ amongst luxury automobiles.

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The Elmiraj made it’s debut at the Monterey Car week. This forum was used to highlight the car’s American touch in shape and formation, which is direct contrast from the origins of the designers, which remain English and French. The interiors for example, have been the brainchild of Gael Buzyn. For this creation he mentioned, “A concept provides not only an opportunity to explore new design ideas, but to pursue new techniques for elegant craftsmanship and materials.”

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The inspiration of this beefy design, has been the 1967 Eldorado which had similar formation concepts. Since then, vehicles were built to ensure a stronger road presence like the Elmiraj, which also packs in luxury alongside it’s designing fundamentals.

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Under the hood, the Elmiraj carries a 4.5-liter turbocharged engine, which will be dishing out about 500 HP of muscle. We also get to know that the baseline technology used in this engine, is the same as the 2014 CTS-V which packs in a V6 engine.

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Amongst the many things highlighting the style of this car, one would see he 22-inch aluminum wheels, the signature Cadillac vertical head and tail lamps, and the 2-air vents in the hood.

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On the interior section of the car, one will see the high grade detailing along with several hi-tech features. They include the electronic controlled seat adjustments, 10-inch concealable touch screen panels, analog tachometer and speedometer as well. The seats have been placed in a way so that the rear seat passengers can recline, or even move up with the height adjustment feature. Other luxurious inputs include the leather, titanium, and handcrafted wooden paneling with 3-D effects.

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