15th anniversary celebration takes on the bling way at Burj Al Arab. After rolling in four new Rolls Royces as a part of its anniversary festivities, the world’s only 7-star hotel has commissioned thirty gold iPhone 6 to mark the milestone. And its official as Burj Al Arab tweeted, “To mark our 15th anniversary, we have collaborated with Gold & Co. to create 15 iPhone 6 in yellow & black gold.”burj_al_arab_gold_iphone_6The luxurious hotel has roped in Gold & Co London, one of the largest manufacturer of luxury gold plated technology products, to create thirty bespoke Limited Edition iPhone 6 in 24 karat Gold as well as Black Gold.

burj_al_arab_iPhone-6-gold_yellowFifteen pieces of each edition will be available exclusively at Burj Al Arab. The iPhone 6 Black Gold is available for $13,000 while the plain-vanilla yellow gold version is tagged at $12,200.

burj_al_arab_iPhone-6-gold_blackEach gilded iPhone 6 comes with its own gold plated identification and authenticity plaque as well as Burj Al Arab anniversary logo on the rear.

burj_al_arab_iPhone-6-gold_1Gold & Co. Via Emirates 24/7