Bugatti has sold its last Veyron. Chassis number 450, the final in the production run for the storied supercar, will be on display at Geneva March 5–15 then delivered to its new owner.

Dubbed “La Finale” with special graphics under the retractable rear wing, this Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Roadster features an 1183 horsepower 16-cylinder engine and is capable of reaching a top speed of nearly 268 miles per hour. It has been purchased by a customer in the Middle East but before it makes the trip across the Mediterranean, it will sit on the stand in Geneva next to Veyron number 1, in tribute to the 10 year run of this remarkable machine.

“The Veyron is unique in many respects even ten years after its launch,” says Bugatti Chairman Wolfgang Dürheimer. “The Veyron is not just a masterpiece of modern automobile design, it is more an automotive piece of art.”

While this car represents the end of an era, we’re certain it’s not the last we’ll hear from the French supercar manufacturer. Rumors are rampant that its faster, more powerful replacement, the Chiron, is on the way in 2016.