WSJ Rumble Seat Columnist Dan Neil visits VW’s top-secret test facility in northern Germany to drive the record-setting Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse at 210 mph:

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse—how’s that for a name?—barely trembled, the suede-wrapped steering wheel as still as an anvil. Mr. Raphanel and I engaged our seat heaters, got comfortable and took a look around. The Ehra-Lessien facility, situated in a Cold War no-fly zone to avoid overflights by spying industrial rivals, covers about 40 square miles, most of it a thick pine plantation. As we plunged down the track, the trees blurred until they seemed not to move at all, only a funnel of greens, grays and ruby browns. This summer, see Germany by rocket sled. – read more