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Budnitz Bicycles Unveils Model No.3 Honey Edition

Budnitz Bicycles Unveils Model No.3 Honey Edition

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Premium luxury bicycle brand Budnitz Bicycles launched their latest bicycle today, Model No.3 Honey Edition, a new special edition bicycle featuring top-end titanium components paired with classic honey-leather details and cream tires.

“Budnitz Bicycles new No.3 Honey Edition continues our commitment to building only the most elegant, lightest, and fastest city bicycles in the world,” says founder Paul Budnitz. “Our bicycles are works of art, and like classic automobiles, they function immaculately.”

Produced by hand in small runs and for sale for the first time today, Budnitz Model No.3 Honey Special Edition is a lightening fast gloss-black steel & titanium commuting bicycle featuring some of the best components in the world, many taken from top-end race bikes.

“The big 29-inch wheels and clean lines of No.3 make it the ultimate city bicycle, very fast with an incredibly smooth ride and stunning elegance,” says Budnitz.

Model No.3 incorporates Budnitz’ stunningly beautiful trademark split-tube cantilever frame, optimized to absorb road shock and provide a quick, responsive ride in a city environment. They also a feature silent and clean Gates Carbon belts instead of chain as well as titanium badges, handlebar, seatpost, and many other parts.

Base price for the Model No.3 Honey Edition is $3100.

“My goal for this special edition bicycle was to create a classic bike with modern, high-tech components that is elegant enough for the President of the United States to ride to a press conference, or for Pharrell Williams to ride to the Grammys” says Budnitz

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