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Broadway’s Spider-Man Delayed Until February 7

Broadway’s Spider-Man Delayed Until February 7

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Will Julie Taymor’s Broadway musical of Spider-Man Turn off the Dark even open? We’ll see…

The trouble-plagued Broadway production of Spider-Man Turn off the Dark has delayed its opening night until February 7, according to a release from the production company. The original opening night was January 11. Lead producer Michael Cohl said in a statement: “Due to some unforeseeable setbacks, most notably the injury of a principal cast member, it has become clear that we need to give the team more time to fully execute their vision.” – from The Hollywood Reporter

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  • I think this will be an exciting production. I am looking forward to the opening. With all the money involved it should be in Vegas.

  • I’ve been a fan of the broadway musical for as long as I can remember. Stories like this get me interested in seeing a show. Musicals are difficult to put together when there isn’t much tech at all, so this one was, of course, going that have some problems. And since the vision seems to be absolutely huge (as noticed in the show’s price tag), speculation is going to be rampant as it is with big-budget movies. Remember James Cameron’s Titanic? It was supposed to be AWFUL, but it all came together quite nicely. I recall pre-opening nightmares for the original PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, which was loud, creaky and just painful to watch during previews. And even the best shows ever have had entire acts re-written in the few weeks leading up to the actual opening. And while this show’s topic/story might not seem like musical material, neither does most of what has had Stephen Sondheim involved. I guess what I’m saying is that this show can work and I hope it does.

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