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Bring In The New Year Twice In A Single Night In Sydney And Los Angeles

Bring In The New Year Twice In A Single Night In Sydney And Los Angeles

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You will need to travel back in time (at least for a few hours) if you are keen to bring in the New Year twice this year. Europe based private jet booking service PrivateFly is offering an opportunity to celebrate New Year’s Eve in two different continents on the last night of 2013.

Gulfstream G500Move on from this year to 2014 by travelling from Sydney to Los Angeles on a long range private jet. This is possible only by moving backwards across the International Date Line based on the calculation of the world rotating at 1,038 miles per hour. LA is 19 hours behind Sydney which sums of to about 13 hours away in a long range private jet. Based on this, they have chalked out a double party schedule by flying eastwards and gaining six more hours of party time. Since no airline caters to such personal whims, one has to travel by a private jet only to make the best of merry-making in these two cities in the most distinctive way.

New_year_Los_angelesFor about $15,000 per person or $225,000 for a full aircraft charter that can carry 15 people, the party will start in Sydney. From 8pm to 1am, revelers will be able to spend their evening in Sydney, celebrating at the city’s most exclusive party spots. The other alternatives are – Join other VIP partygoers at the NYE Party At The House, an exclusive party at the Sydney Opera House or go ahead for an intimate celebration dinner, with a fabulous view of the fireworks at The Dining Room, Park Hyatt Sydney.

Soaking in every bit from Down Under, guests will have to board the uber-luxurious Gulfstream G550 long range jet at 2am from Sydney Kingsford Smith airport. Since the flight time from Sydney to Los Angeles is 13 hours and 15 minutes, fliers can opt to continue partying up in the air in true VIP style or catch up with rest, in a private double bedroom, to charge up to bring in the New Year once again in Los Angeles. Scheduled to land at 8.15 pm at Van Nuys, LA’s exclusive private jet airport, party animals can start all over again by hitting the most exclusive nightspots of Beverley Hills. Cleopatra’s Ball attracts some of Hollywood’s hottest partygoers to the Egyptian Theater. They can also dine at one of LA’s most exclusive restaurants, such as Crustacean, renowned for its South East Asian cuisine and floor-to-ceiling aquarium.

Welcoming 2014 twice in two of the world’s most exciting cities, located in two different continents, is only the way to bring in the New Year with the biggest bang for the buck.