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Bose Announces New SoundSport Earphones

Bose Announces New SoundSport Earphones

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Bose has recently announced a couple of new wireless earphones, the updated SoundSport and SoundSport Pulse, both of which are being marketed towards fitness types.

The original SoundSport was wired, but this new model uses Bluetooth technology in order to be wireless, making it easier to wear when active. In general, there is a growing desire among tech companies to ditch the traditional 3.5mm jack on smartphones and move people towards using wireless Bluetooth speakers and earphones. In this way, the new SoundSport might appeal to more individuals than just those looking for an appropriate sound system while exercising.

The earphones are both water- and sweat-resistant, feature a microphone and inline remote, are compatible with any mobile device over NFC, and come in three different colors (black, light blue, and lemon). The SoundSport Pulse is functionally similar but also includes a heart rate monitor that can send data to a number of different fitness apps. Reportedly, the battery lasts for six hours, meaning that although it would be perfect for a rigorous and lengthy exercise, it might not be the ideal choice for constant, everyday wear.

The new SoundSports will launch sometime in September. The SoundSport is expected to retail for $150, and the SoundSport Pulse for $200.