A home lacking color usually seems cold, uninviting, static. Geometry and colors have always made a great duo, infusing dynamic features in any design. We all search for smart storage spaces in our home, checking every nook that can fit our ideas or the other way around. The Stripe Storage by A2 Designers is a bold, vividly colored drawer storage space perfect for many types of homes, from modern, minimalist residences to charmingly elegant age-old homes in search of a modern touch.

Its dimensions – 86 cm in width, 46 in depth and 102 cm high – make it a powerful candidate for a boring hallway or a comfortable bedroom. I would also definitely see it in a very chic and feminine home office, where it would be right at home among pretty office items, flowers and family photos, turning an ordinary working space into a contemporary setting where work becomes the most pleasurable thing in the world. A push mechanism easily opens the drawers, making the Stripe Storage conveniently easy to interact with.